Saturday, October 4, 2008

See and be CBC

Saddle up cowboy! HEARTLAND Season 2 Premieres Sunday, October 5 at 7pm across Canada. The new season features KERRY JAMES as the new Series Lead heart-throb at the Heartland ranch, Caleb Odell.

When asked what we can expect from the new season, Kerry says "It should be a wild ride". Tune in every Sunday on CBC and soon enough, you'll be roped in along with the rest of the fans.

Congratulations to MICHAEL KARL RICHARDS who has booked the new Recurring role of Ethan on WILD ROSES. Playing the hot-shot politico on the new CBC Series, the tall, dark and handsome Ethan soon finds himself as one-third of a love triangle.

"You two boys stay out of trouble now, you hear?" says Carrie of having both Kerry and Michael shooting away from home in Calgary.

Carrie Wheeler Films and Sistar Films rang in the Vancouver International Film Festival with their RED CARPET at RED SQUARED event. With live music by Fur Bearing Animals, sponsored by Urban Mixer, U'Luvka Vodka, Bombay Sapphire, and tapas by the swanky new Red Squared Vodka Lounge, the evening was grand success.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Toronto International Film Festival

With the support of Telefilm Canada, Producers Carrie Wheeler and Laurie McLay are packaging the feature film, JOSIE & JACK, at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Written by Jaman Lloyd, based on the novel by Kelly Braffet, JOSIE & JACK is a modern day Hansel & Gretel meets Cruel Intentions. "Telefilm is coming on board at the polish stage and with this final draft we will be attaching an intense Director and going out to name cast.", says Wheeler.

Having read the novel and falling in love with the twisted story of beautiful, but socially inept Josie's inadvertent path to self awareness, Wheeler optioned the novel and hired Lloyd to do the adaptation. "People always ask how we met so I'll spare us both and include it here. I saw a short film at the Crazy 8's Film Festival in Vancouver called THE CRITIC. The film is a gothic horror set in 1830’s Philadelphia telling the tale of a literary critic’s last night on Earth when a spurned writer confronts him; all narrated in Edgar Allen Poe~esque poetry. The film totally blew me away and when I asked my friend Candice Elzinga, the Casting Director of the short, to please introduce me to both the Writer and the Director, she said that they were one and the same, Jaman Lloyd. I knew then and there that we would work together some day and JOSIE & JACK is the result of our collaboration."

Also being pitched at TIFF is our comedic feature, THE PRAYING MANTIS, which is officially in development with the participation of Telefilm Canada. Writer Chris Wilkinson has been working tirelessly on the second draft which has already garnered interest based solely on the story line of a down-and-out crime fighter who thinks he has super powers when in fact he is the puppet in a game of manipulation by millionaire media moguls. THE PRAYING MANTIS comes to the conclusion that courage is found in many forms, and sometimes, keeping the streets safe is easier accomplished in green tights.

Looking to “go green” without giving up your jet-set lifestyle? ECO-CHIC TV is a series in the vein of Fashion File meets E-Talk Daily, but where the “E” stands for Environment.

A look at Food, Fashion and Fun with Segment Producer and Host Sadie Kime and Guest Hosts Kyle Johnstone and Jonathan Chovancek, (Canada's Rock Star Chef currently dishing it up at the Olympics in Beijing!). This half-hour magazine style show is also launching a multi-media website to keep viewers up to date on how they can leave one small, guilt free, well heeled, carbon footprint at a time. Created and Produced by Carrie Wheeler, Executive Produced by Laurie McLay, Creative Director Aaron Mallin. Until next week, stay ECO-CHIC!

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Tipping Point

Carrie Wheeler Management & Films is proud to announce that KERRY JAMES, has landed the prestigious Series Regular role of CALEB on the CBC series, HEARTLAND.

On horseback daily in the heart of Alberta from now until December, Kerry is enjoying his work as the nemesis newcomer to HEARTLAND.

HEARTLAND currently airs on CBC Sundays at 7pm with Season 2 beginning October 5. Join the Facebook Fan Page here. Stay up to date with the series here.


has had a stellar year so far with bookings on PSYCH!, THE GUARD, SLAP SHOT: THE PREQUEL, NATIONAL LAMPOON’S RATKO and the feature film, HELEN starring ASHLEY JUDD.

In addition, keep your eyes peeled for Peter in commercials for both VAN CITY and BURGER KING replaying throughout North America.

Carrie Wheeler Management & Films welcomes STANLEY TSANG to the talented management roster.

Excelling in everything he puts his mind to, the stunt-fighting gymnast, mixed martial artist, Grade 10 Royal Conservatory of Music piano player is also Tri-Lingual and has his Bachelor of Science Degree in Cell Biology and Genetics from UBC.

Having recently completed the full-time program at VADA, and under Carrie’s careful guidance, Stanley is ready to rock the Vancouver film and television industry!

On the Commercial and Commercial Print front, Carrie Wheeler Management talent have recently been booked on NIVEA, MCDONALD'S, TIM HORTON'S, BODEN CATALOGUE, FUTURE SHOP, THE BAY, WRIGLEY’S, LACAILLE, WESTERN FINANCIAL, HILLSHIRE FARMS and more.

We look forward to working with you!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Carrie Wheeler Management & Films announces the
Vancouver Premiere of Martin McDonagh's THE PILLOWMAN,
going up at the Firehall Arts Centre April 10-20.

Directed by Adam Henderson and Produced by Carrie Wheeler,
we are extremely proud to say that two of the four Lead actors are also on Carrie's roster,
MICHAEL KARL RICHARDS, playing Topolski and PETER GRASSO playing Ariel.

Rounding out the Lead cast are
Matthew Harrison as Katurian and Jeremy Raymond as Michal with
Carrie Wheeler Management's Sadie Kime Associate Producing.

Thousand Faces Equity Co-Op presents
By Martin McDonagh

Directed by Adam Henderson
Produced by Carrie Wheeler

With echoes of Stoppard, Kafka, and The Brothers Grimm, THE PILLOWMAN centers on a writer in an unnamed totalitarian state who is being interrogated about the gruesome content of his short stories. The result is an urgent work of theatrical bravura and an unflinching examination of the very nature and purpose of art.

Creative Director - Chris Woods
Stage Manager - Laura Dodwell-Groves
Associate Stage Manager - Reta Koropatnik
Associate Producer - Sadie Kime
Set Designer - John Taylor
Costume Designer - Christine Quintana
Lighting Designer - Darren Hales
Graphic Designer - David Middleton Creative

For Showtimes and Box office, please call 604.689.0926. For Media and Sponsorship Inquiries, please call 604.689.9960. For more information, please view the blogspot here. Join the Facebook group here.


A movie-set jail of course as Steffen Mennekes books the Lead role of Jack in controversial helmer Uwe Boll's newest feature, JAIL.

Alongside Ed Furlong (AMERICAN HISTORY X, TERMINATOR II), this emotionally tasking role has Steffen as one of four men in a run-down, overcrowded jail cell in America with a grisly end - based on true events.

Congratulations Steffen!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Forget the writer's strike updates, BREAKING NEWS from Carrie Wheeler Management and Films!

The always-fabulous and overtly stunning SADIE KIME has officially joined the family at Carrie Wheeler Management as one of Vancouver's most talented actors, (Casting Directors take note!). Carrie has been quoted time and again as saying "I'm a big Sadie Kime fan!" and finally the two have the opportunity to work together.

Not only has Sadie been blessed with incredible good looks, she is also one of the brightest in the biz and, after a successful 5 month internship, Carrie was quick to officially appoint Sadie as Associate Producer at Carrie Wheeler Films.

"I am so excited to have Sadie on board with both companies. She is a true delight to work with and continues to exceed my expectations. Her work ethic marries perfectly with mine and the rest of the team at Carrie Wheeler Management and Films. Nothing deters this young lady and I am proud to be both her manager and her mentor." ~ Carrie Wheeler


Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce BRALEIGH NELSON. (applause)

As a Guest Speaker at Simon Longmore's
Vancouver Academy for Dramatic Arts last month I had the opportunity to meet with and audition the soon-to-be-graduating full time program students. I was duly impressed with the level of talent in the class, however, there's always that "one" who shines above the rest. The "one" in question is the unmistakably talented, exceptionally beautiful, and simply lovely - BRALEIGH NELSON.

Two days after signing with Carrie Wheeler Management, Braleigh held her own against some of Vancouver's top working actors with auditions for Guest Star and Recurring roles.

Mark my words, Braleigh Nelson is one to watch.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Steve Books BODOG

Congratulations to Steve Rappard who booked the latest US National and European commercial and print campaign for BODOG. This news comes only one month after booking the US National HILLSHIRE FARMS commercial. While he's not the real Magnum P.I., as depicted in recent JACK FM "Larry and Willie" commercials, he is the "real deal" when it comes to taking the commercial world by storm! You rock Steve!

View the JACK FM spots here and here.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Year's Countdown

While Melanie and I partook in the New Year's Countdown in the comfort of my home, accompanied by 126 of our closest friends, including and especially those on our rosters, I reflected on previous *New Years* and our accomplishments throughout them. Well, perhaps I wasn't doing any reflecting at that exact moment, but a few days later anyway...

Too often we only think forward, making lists in our heads of everything that still needs to be done, lists of things that we didn't get to today, that will improve our careers tomorrow, that will get us in that proverbial door, if only we could do more, faster, better! It's important to look back, reflect, take some time to congratulate yourself on accomplishments, remember the times that brought you joy, the people you experienced that joy with, and breathe, with a sigh of relief, that life is pretty great after all.

Here, then, is my Countdown of some of the accomplishments and fun things that have happened in New Years past. Enjoy!

10 ~ years ago I moved to Vancouver
9 ~ of our actors booked Lead, Guest Star or Recurring roles last year
8 ~ commercials that I was involved in production through Bear Studios last year
7 ~ years Carrie Wheeler Management has been in business
6 ~ (2000 &) produced THE FOURSOME, a golf comedy starring Kevin Dillon (ENTOURAGE)
5 ~ film markets and/or festivals that I attended last year (Cannes, AFM, TIFF, VIFF, WFF)
4 ~ people I have converted to vegetarianism :)
2 ~ years since Melanie Watts joined Carrie Wheeler Management as an agent
1 ~ year ago I created the Carrie Wheeler Films division


Of course, we couldn't have done it without our amazing talent. Some of their recent accomplishments:

Film & Television

Aliens In America, All Lit Up, Bionic Woman, Deck The Halls, Dragon Boys, Helen, Kyle XY, My Fair Eddie, Psych!, National Lampoon's Ratko, On The Other Hand Death, Painkiller Jane, Renegade, Sandlot 3, Three Moons Over Milford, Whistler

Commercial & Commercial Print

Canvas, Aquattro, AT&T, BMW, Burger King, California Grocery, Canal & Family, Coast Capital Savings, Cymbalta, Dewer's, EA Sports, Hillshire Farms, Hoover, Kohl's, Nissan, PradaProtiviti, Raley's, Swim Co., Sylvan Learning Center, Taymor, VanCity

May 2008 bring health, happiness and continued success to everyone,
from all of us at Carrie Wheeler Management & Films

We look forward to working with you!